Mississauga’s own Yung Tug is back & he’s hit us with a CRAZY new record “Run It Up”. Tug is known for his HIGH energy records and he’s yet to let us down with a song he’s given us. Tug is coming hard 2019 and he’s running for his bandzand probably has your girl in his DM – Check out the record below and let us know what you think” - What The Hype

He's Back !!

Who: Recording artist Yung Tug What: New Rebel Media-directed video for the mjNichols-produced single “Riding” When: Available now on YouTube Where: Representing Mississauga, Ontario and Night Squad Records Why: Catchy, high-energy single complimented by top visuals by Rebel Media. You can watch the “Riding” video below.” - Hip Hop Canada

Hip Hop Canada

Yung Tug, drops his new visual to his song Riding released early 2018 shot by Rebel Media Showcasing his block while keep you going with the incredible verses , not to mention the beat is banging hard. Yung tug lets us know how hes living in his first verse with amazing work on keeping you interested for the second verse , the second verse start off by him telling us his premonition he had on his future and continues to explain how he will achieve. we hope you enjoy and support the independent artist from our city. ” - What The Hype

Sauga's Prince

Yung Tug which stands for Turn Up God, recently dropped a video called “Cases” and this track has a lot of meaning behind it. This is a story based off true events that has occurred within the past couple months. Yung Tug paints a picture with his music and video about his run-in with police and how they raided his home. It’s about getting arrested and beating the 2 charges after taking it to court. Be sure to follow Yung Tug on Instagram & Twitter ” - Canadian Dope

Mississauga's Very Own

Yung Tug gives us the inside scoop on him beating his cases. Yung Tug tells us   There is a lot behind this song and music video, but I will start by saying that everything you see and hear is based off true events that occurred within the past few months. A few things I did during this time period lead to the police tracing my phone right to my house threatening to get a warrant and they came right back the next day raiding it. They came in 9 police cars that brought 11 officers and 2 dogs. This resulted in me getting arrested as well as the confiscation of my safe, money, phones, and drugs . A few months down the road, I had court and got the drug charges and assault on a police officer charge dropped, which are the two cases I beat up. We’ll leave the rest of the story for you to decipher by the video.” - What The Hype

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